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Clapping Audience

Terre Short excels at engaging your team(s) to advance many skills, some of them being:

  • Mission, Vision and Values Crystallization

  • Leader as Coach

  • Emotional Intelligence - Emphasis on Self-Awareness and Empathy

  • Elevating Employee Engagement 

  • Communicating for Impact

  • Nurse Leader Development Strategies

  • Customer Centricity

  • Mentorship Training

  • Change Leadership

  • Prioritization and Productivity

  • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting  


Lisa Solis Delong's topics include the following and you will find more on her website.

  • Skybox Leadership; Higher Perspectives on Empathy, Gratitude and Appreciation.

  • Spirit of Healthcare; How Miracles Manifest Through People.

  • You Have Good Fingerprints for a Nurse; Feel a Renewed Sense of Joy Over the Nursing Profession.

Dr. Brian Haas' topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy for Clinicians

  • Improving the Patient Experience

Short Group provides:

  • Needs assessment and content alignment recommendations

  • Preparation (yours and ours) to ensure a successful event

  • Professionally prepared day-of speaking materials, which may include presentation content, participant materials, and follow-up support.

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