When WooWoo Meets WinWin

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A CEO, Shaman, and Spiritual Doula walk into a bar, a juice bar. Well, maybe one rushes in, one floats in, and the other takes a moment to sage the entrance. Once inside, what do they discuss? Weather, politics, the meaning of life? How does each one “lean in” to the conversation? What does each one contribute? How do their perspectives differ?

As you might imagine the conversation turns to, “What’s it all mean?” The Shaman and the Spiritual Doula immediately focus inward. The CEO examines the current challenges on her plate and looks outward to the external influences and expectations of others.

The Shaman is feeling the energy of each person and listening to messages received through her mediumship. She is holding space for images and visions that connect to what is important to the individuals. She asks her guides for a sign or signs that a particular direction will be for the greater good. She opens herself to guided messages and accepts that she is a conduit (hollow bone) for seeing what is seeking to emerge from a current challenge and offers a potential solution.

The Spiritual Doula is asking probing questions and listening with an open heart. She begins to hum and creates a vibration that ignites energy within. She invites the others to breath slowly and deeply and allow the energy to shift their perspective. She encourages them to contemplate their decisions through the filter of self by imagining a bright light flowing through each of their seven chakras with every breath they take. Where is there tension? How can each person align what they are feeling in their body with what is challenging their mind?

The CEO’s head is about to explode! She is holding onto the external forces that inform her world – the needs of clients, deadlines, financial projections. She begins to soften to the perspective of the two others and is curious about what informs each of them. What if she explored her own mediumship? How does the energy she is projecting affect her thought processes and actions? What is the connection between Spirit and what is in her heart?

In the business world we tend to think of the various ways one gets in touch with their spiritual and intuitive intelligence as “woo-woo.” Lumped into this descriptor may be the actions of Reverends or Pastors, Shamans and Spiritual Doulas, as well as a plethora of tools and techniques. Techniques such as yoga, meditation, breath work, Chi Gong, sound baths, prayers, circle gatherings, gratitude journaling, and guided energy medicine, at first glance, might appear as “woo-woo” to some leaders.

Leaders typically feel compelled to spend their time and energy focusing on creating “win-win” solutions. A leader faces challenges such as employee engagement and retention, prioritization and productivity, navigating difficult conversations, goal setting and strategic planning, coaching and developing others, building relationships, creating an inclusive culture, elevating the customer experience, and recognizing individual contributions. The list is endless.

The joy of leadership occurs when the inner and outer selves meet at the intersection of woo-woo and win-win. A leader thrives when they connect with themselves on a higher level and weave what they learn internally to what is required externally. Everyone can learn techniques to elevate their self-knowledge and open themselves to tap consciously, and consistently into what fills their cup and serve others from the well of joyful overflow.

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