Praise for 
The Words We Choose
Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter

“Communication is a leader’s most important skill. It’s at the heart of our ability to influence and engage others. The words we choose (and the tone behind them) determine how well we manage relationships and attract and retain talent. Word choices impact how quickly and efficiently we, and our teams, execute on goals. Our words affect how people feel, and how they feel drives how they act. Ultimately, our words shape our culture.


Terre says, ‘the voice is a choice.’ I love this. Yet, I realize few leaders get training in this area. This book is a blueprint for realizing how what you say impacts others and how to make needed changes. It’s filled with tools and tactics to help you get intentional about saying things in a way that promotes optimal impact. Get this book for everyone in your organization. It’s like rocket fuel for transforming and accelerating results.”

Quint Studer, Founder, Studer Community Institute, and author of 10 books; most recently Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How to Lead People and Places That Thrive

“I have spent much of my professional life refining communications in healthcare to advance safety, connection, collaboration, gratitude and valuing those we care for and work with. Terre’s work in The Words We Choose took me to a totally new level! It is an immensely practical guide for the day to day conversations that allow relationships to blossom, connections to deepen, and cultures to mature. Whether you are a clinician with a patient, a leader to a team, a parent to a child or communicating with a stranger, the words we choose can change everything in these moments. I am better for reading Terre’s work, and challenged with all of the blind spots she helped me see. As a constant student of communication, I am immensely grateful to have a whole new toolkit in The Words We Choose.”

Stephen Beeson, M.D. - Founder of the Clinician Experience Project

Author of Practicing Excellence, A Physician Manual to Exceptional Healthcare and Engaging Physician, A Manual to Physician Partnership


"This is an important book in our evolution to a more heart-centered world. Terre eloquently brings to life how words can cage us in or set us free. This book does a beautiful job of unlocking the reality we create through the power of our words - step by step. I love the simplicity - and importance - of the message she shares.  Terre slows down our thinking so we can 'hear' the deeper meaning behind what we say.  Truly profound - what a gift to the world! I cannot wait to recommend the book to clients across the globe."

Kimberly Faith - Award-Winning Author, Futurist, & Systems Thinking Expert 


“Three hundred years ago the Baal Shem Tov taught that each of us is born with a fixed number of words to speak; when the last is spoken we die. The question you must ask yourself before you speak is this: Am I willing to die for these words? Terre Short’s The Words We Choose helps you answer that question wisely.”

Rabbi Rami Shapiro - Author of Open Secrets: The Letters of Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael

“The Words We Choose is a timely examination of how words mold our emotions and shape our relationships with the world.”

Karl VanDevender, M.D., Chief Physician, HCA Leadership Institute